About Easy Read

Easy Read is a method of producing and presenting written information that is easier to understand and accessible to persons with disabilities. Easy Read also benefits people with low literacy levels, those who may not speak a majority language, and those experiencing memory problems. Easy Read combines short sentences that are clear and free of jargon with simple images to help explain the written content.

The right to accessible information is established under Article 21 of the United Nations Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities (CRPD). When people have access to information, they have more influence over the decisions that impact their lives and can make better, more informed decisions for themselves and their communities.

About This Project

Although many countries have made commitments to improving the inclusion of persons with disabilities in society and political life, official documents are often written in complex language that can make them inaccessible to persons with disabilities. Inaccessible information creates distrust and prevents persons with disabilities from public participation. This project aims to make creation of accessible information easier by providing access to examples, guides and tools for people interested in developing Easy Read documents, particularly as it relates to advancing the political participation and inclusion of persons with disabilities in political processes.


NDI would like to acknowledge the support of Martin Dobson and Tom McLean of Easy Read Online, a United Kingdom-Based company that specializes in making Easy Read information. Their expertise helped NDI further its understanding of how to make information more accessible to people with disabilities and made this project possible.